Of Monsters And Men : New Promotional Images from “Monsters University” + “Snowpiercer”

Words cannot possibly express the unbridled joy I’m currently experiencing due to the wealth of potentially awesome movies that will be released in the coming summer months. Covering many of the crowd-pleasing film genres, I am definitely in for another year of cinematic excellence.

And the marketing teams of many big-name Hollywood studios are certainly flexing their advertising muscles by releasing a plethora of related media such as film stills, trailers, posters, and other creative forms of movie marketing. Two big films expected to wow audiences for this year’s summer movie season are clearly taking a savvy marketing turn by showcasing some impressive and intriguing images that give a more or less definitive insight on how the respective movies will play out. If you haven’t figured it out by now after looking at this post’s banner image and title, I am obviously taking about “Monsters University” and “Snowpiercer“.

First off, let me begin with the whimsical prequel to one of Pixar‘s finest hits in their illustrious portfolio of films, namely “Monsters Inc.” Based on the movie’s title alone, we are going to see how the characters of Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal) and JamesSulleySullivan (voiced by John Goodman) met while attending the titular academic institution before they worked as professional scarers at Monsters Inc. From the trailers to the impressively-made faux website of the fictional school, “Monsters University” is poised to please audiences of all ages in more ways than one.

And no movie that is set in college—whether animated or live-action—isn’t complete without the requisite subplot of featuring fraternities and sororities. Pixar has done well in putting an offbeat spin to this classic plotline by showcasing the different Greek houses of “Monsters University”. Check out some of the featured fraternities and sororities below who are primed to claim the ultimate victory and bragging rights at the annual Scare Games.

Monsters University Greek Club 01 - Oozma Kappa

Oozma Kappa (OK)
A collection of wholesome, good-natured misfits, the adorable brothers of Oozma Kappa (OK) have bonded over their inability to make it through the Scaring Program. With only four bodies in the house, they don’t even have enough members to compete in the Scare Games. What they lack in Scariness and self-confidence, they make up for in heart.

Monsters University Greek Club 02 - Roar Omega Roar

Roar Omega Roar (RΩR)
The Roar Omega Roar (RΩR) fraternity is made up of the best of the best. They’re the smartest, most skilled, Scariest monsters at Monsters University, and come from families with a long, proud history of Scaring. While the RΩRs may be preppy in dress, they are ferocious in action and downright ruthless, if necessary. Self-declared as the most elite house on campus, the RΩRs are lead by Johnny Worthington III who presides over the house like an all-powerful monarch. Eager to continue their Scare Games winning streak, the RΩRs will do whatever it takes to stay on top.

Monsters University Greek Club 03 - Jaws Theta Chi

Jaws Theta Chi (JOX)
Big on brawn but short on brainpower, the Jaws Theta Chi (JOX) fraternity brothers are rarely seen without their flashy letterman jackets. The JOX are brutal competitors who never hesitate to do whatever it takes to beat their opponent, even if it’s breaking the rules. Despite practically living at the gym or on the field, these sports-loving monsters often prove that bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to Scaring.

Monsters University Greek Club 04 - Slugma Slugma Kappa

Slugma Slugma Kappa (EEK)
The athletic sisters of Slugma Slugma Kappa (EEK) spend most of their days working out and running drills to perfect their Scaring skills. Their initiation is a triathlon, and training together 24/7 has strengthened the bonds of sisterhood so much so that these strong, self-assured girls are ready to out-work and out-scare any monster they encounter together.

Monsters University Greek Club 05 - Eta Hiss Hiss

Eta Hiss Hiss (HSS)
The Eta Hiss Hiss (HSS) sorority has been around since the beginning of Monsters University and the members are as mysterious as they are terrifying. The HSS sisters might be pale, mysterious and sullen, but these intimidating Goth girls are fierce competitors and tough as nails. Fittingly, their most distinguished alumna is one of the most powerful, Scary monsters on campus who every new Scare student strives to impress—Dean Hardscrabble.

Monsters University Greek Club 06 - Python Nu Kappa

Python Nu Kappa (PNK)
Pretty in pink, the sisters of Python Nu Kappa (PNK) are not to be underestimated. Led by their fearless queen bee Carrie, these ladies are smart, cold-hearted and merciless. Covered in pink from head to toe, the PNKs sweet exterior quickly turns terrifying when the Scare Games begin.

And from animated monsters to real-life (but still fictional) men, let me now direct your attention to the latest batch of promotional images from the highly anticipated sci-fi thriller ensemble piece, “Snowpiercer”. Followers of my blog may recall that I previously did a feature post about “Snowpiercer”, and that from the looks of things, this movie is set to either throw it out of the park or literally become a train wreck if it does not meet the audience’s approval.

But acclaimed South Korean director Bong Joon-Ho has his international film cred and a cast of high-profile international actors to drive his first English-language movie debut going for him that may propel “Snowpiercer” to box-office and critical success. As of this blog post, there is no announced release date yet for the film and rumors are still swirling about concerning this movie’s potential entry into this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Regardless of when this high-concept work will be shown to the general public, there is no doubt that the marketing team is definitely making sure that “Snowpiercer” will permeate the minds of movie fanatics all over the Internet with the recent batch of official one-sheet character posters showcasing the main ensemble cast in full costume and carefully styled hair and makeup.

Several main points of note while you are browsing these amazing posters below:

A) Tilda Swinton proves once again that she is one of Hollywood’s finest chameleons. From the White Witch of Narnia to playing David Bowie’s wife in an androgyne-filled music video, Swinton gets another makeover for “Snowpiercer” and it is equal parts amazing and “WTF?!”

B) Chris Evans can certainly pass for a hot and fuckable train-riding grifter hobo with his heavy beard and overall unkempt appearance. It doesn’t help that he is completely eye-fucking the viewer (a.k.a. Moi) with that intense stare.

C) Jamie Bell looks a bit too clean for someone who’s supposed to be slumming it in the train’s ghetto tail section with the rest of the poor people. And yes, he’s also a hot train hobo with a fuck-worthy status.

D) Ed Harris is still largely hidden in shadow for his one-sheet. This certainly raises questions as to whether he is a protagonist or an antagonist of the movie. Despite the fact that his character built the titular train to house the surviving humans, the jury is still out as to whether Harris is one of the good guys or the bad guys.

E) I love the fact that the posters prominently feature hangul text (that’s the Korean alphabet, to you) as a means of promoting the fact that the movie is directed by a Korean filmmaker, plus the fact that the film’s dialogue will be partially in Korean due to the inclusion of Korean actors Song Kang-Ho and Go Ah-Sung. I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie will likely be released first in South Korea before the rest of the world. In which case, the Koreans are definitely on a roll in terms of entertainment crossover appeal apart from Psy.

F) By looking at the character one-sheet posters as a whole, their visual look is somewhat a cross between nomadic hobo meets Steampunk with a dash of post-apocalyptic chic. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s the vibe I’m getting from these train-dwelling people and I am definitely loving it.

G) Lastly: still no promotional image of Alison Pill‘s character. Either her role is completely minor that it cannot warrant a relatively modest marketing push, or the filmmakers are intentionally keeping fans like myself to figure out the true importance of her character in the film’s bigger picture. Unless the studio releases more teasers of “Snowpiercer” in the form of new movie stills or even the trailer itself, Alison Pill will remain one of the film’s best kept secrets.

With these points being said, take a look-see of the fabulous ghetto-fied portraits of the “Snowpiercer” cast and see if you can figure out how these men and women will duke it out aboard the post-apocalyptic train of social injustice.

Snowpiercer 01 - Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer as Tanya (Tail Section passenger)

Snowpiercer 02 - Song Kang-Ho

Song Kang-Ho as Namgoong Minsu (Prison Section passenger)

Snowpiercer 03 - John Hurt

John Hurt as Gilliam (Tail Section leader)

Snowpiercer 04 - Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell as Edgar (Tail Section passenger)

Snowpiercer 05 - Ewen Bremner

Ewen Bremner as Andrew (Tail Section passenger)

Snowpiercer 06 - Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton as Mason (Front Section passenger and Snowpiercer’s prime minister)

Snowpiercer 07 - Ed Harris

Ed Harris as Wilford (Engine Section passenger and Snowpiercer’s supreme leader)

Snowpiercer 08 - Go Ah-Sung

Go Ah-Sung as Yona (Prison Section passenger)

Snowpiercer 09 - Chris Evans

Chris Evans as Curtis (Tail Section passenger)


One thought on “Of Monsters And Men : New Promotional Images from “Monsters University” + “Snowpiercer”

  1. Kitty Young

    Don’t do this to me B.B.! You’re making me jump up and down on my chair with excitement! I loved the idea of Monsters University focusing on the different fraternities and sororities. In all honesty, I am super excited about the Python Nu Kappa sisters!


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