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Music Review : “Anesthesiac” by Womb

Have you ever stumbled upon an independent musical act so good that you kind of want them to remain a precious little secret, but at the same time, you also want them to be exposed to other people who have discerning taste in music like yourself? Well, this writer has had the pleasure of encountering such an extraordinary find in the form of Womb—a local trip-hop trinity that has finally given birth to their much-awaited full-length debut album, “Anesthesiac”.

I don’t understand how something so fiery and grand could fit in a box so small…


Music Review : “Girl Who Got Away” by Dido

While it may be easy to dismiss Dido as that artist whose music is commonly viewed by some as “boring”, one cannot deny the presence she has made in the music scene. Since her seminal sampled appearance on Eminem’s breakthrough rap track, “Stan”, Dido has shot to the consciousness of the average mainstream listener and introduced her own brand of music in what I could best describe as “chill pop”—underscored by ambient soundscapes that tread the line between indie folk and trippy electronica caressed with her breathy vocals.

Three albums and fourteen years later, Dido has returned in full force with her latest studio effort aptly entitled, “Girl Who Got Away”.

I feel nothing when you cry. I hear nothing, see no need to reply. I can smile now, and turn away. Come over here so you can see me walk away, and celebrate the end of night.